Triberr (@triberr) just made me buy ‘bones’, yikes!

Dan Cristo and Dino Dogan

Dan & Dino

OK it got me. I tried to avoid them, those two funny looking guys both in one photo in their Twitter av (who does that?!), but I am in now. I even bought ‘bones’. How am I going to explain THIS to my mother…

Here it goes. Before my summer vacation I was invited by a ‘Tribe‘ (watch the video below what these funny words are about) with a few members, who now instantly tweet what I put on my blog. Even my story about rotten tomatoes. Just because we committed ourselves to the same Tribe, we tweet each others posts. All very nice and innocent, when there are only 5 members in a Tribe, but now I am in a second group of which the Chief keeps on inviting more and more people with each and one of them lots and lots of followers.

When I add the followers of both Tribes I am in, it means that what ever article I post on my blog now will be shown into the timeline of 400,000 viewers. Each member of both tribes will tweet this blog article automatically the moment I push ‘Publish’. And the number grows.

Is this a good thing? I don’t know, but we are having fun and I love exploring new things, so lets see what happens. It all looks pretty simple but the impact could be HUGE. So here’s to Dan & Dino: way to go!

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