Field horsetail, toad pipe, common horsetail

Field horsetail. Also known as – Common Horsetail, Bottle-brush, Cornfield Horsetail, Foxtail-rush, Horsepipes, Horsetail-fern, Mare’s-tail, Meadow-pine, Paddy’s-pipe, Pinegrass, Pipeweed, Scouring-Rush, Snakegrass, Toad-pipes.

Field horsetail is most often a weed of landscape beds and low-lying areas. Aside from silicates, horsetail is likewise abundant in potassium, aluminum, and manganese, as well as a variety of flavonoids. It can also be sprayed on your plants in the garden to feed them.

Finding horsetail

Finding horsetail

Horsetail tea

Making Horsetail tea to spray on the plants in my garden