Vertical Gardening

Inspired by a post on Facebook where I saw this brilliant solution to safe space in your garden using just a fabric Shoe Organizer , I started my quest to create my own vertical garden.

I must have watched dozens of YouTube movies about vertical gardening and watched thousands of photos that unblocked my mindset about the space to use in a garden. In gardening, we tend to think horizontal, right? Plants grow vertical so seeding, weeding and soiling should be on a horizontal level, true? Well…. start thinking about your garden as a CUBE and not as a flat piece of land. When you start visioning your garden as a cube, you have 3 times more space to grow your veggies.

Plants in a shoe-organizer

Plants in a shoe-organizer which inspired me to make my own plant sacks.

Vertical Garden sacks

My answer to the shoe organizer bags. I sewed my own because I could not find any nice AND cheap organizers.

Vertical garden bags

Vertical garden bags in my greenery. The cost 1 euro each and are filled with tomatoes.

Vertical garden pots.

Vertical garden pots. I am not in favor of hanging baskets, because they tend to dry out too quickly. But I just love these pots hanging on the waterpipe.

The challenge in vertical gardening is water and food for the plants. They need a good organized watering and feeding system. I bought a set of tubes and dripping tubes to handle that, and hope to find a solar powered way to pump water in a dripping system soon. Will keep you posted about that!


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