Vertical Gardening

Inspired by a post on Facebook where I saw this brilliant solution to safe space in your garden using just a fabric Shoe Organizer , I started my quest to create my own vertical garden.

I must have watched dozens of YouTube movies about vertical gardening and watched thousands of photos that unblocked my mindset about the space to use in a garden. In gardening, we tend to think horizontal, right? Plants grow vertical so seeding, weeding and soiling should be on a horizontal level, true? Well…. start thinking about your garden as a CUBE and not as a flat piece of land. When you start visioning your garden as a cube, you have 3 times more space to grow your veggies.

Plants in a shoe-organizer

Plants in a shoe-organizer which inspired me to make my own plant sacks.

Vertical Garden sacks

My answer to the shoe organizer bags. I sewed my own because I could not find any nice AND cheap organizers.

Vertical garden bags

Vertical garden bags in my greenery. The cost 1 euro each and are filled with tomatoes.

Vertical garden pots.

Vertical garden pots. I am not in favor of hanging baskets, because they tend to dry out too quickly. But I just love these pots hanging on the waterpipe.

The challenge in vertical gardening is water and food for the plants. They need a good organized watering and feeding system. I bought a set of tubes and dripping tubes to handle that, and hope to find a solar powered way to pump water in a dripping system soon. Will keep you posted about that!


Be careful what you wish for – but don’t stop wishing

A friend once told me that when you grow spiritually and become who you are, pure, your life will run smoothly.

flag pole

My two flag poles, honestly wished for

To me this means that my thoughts are aligned with what happens on the outside. You may recognize it from your own experience or saw it in a movie. For example, you drive your car with your spouse and you talk about somebody whose name is John. The moment you mention John, your eye falls on a sign that says ‘John’s fish’ or something that carries the name John. It is as if your life is a movie and all you see is a decor of your play. These ‘coincidences’ happen to me more and more.

This morning, my friends of the DHL package service stopped in front or our house. As soon as I saw this big yellow truck, I quickly scanned my memory to see what I ordered on the internet the last couple of days. I couldn’t come up with anything so I continued playing Empire Avenue. Then somebody knocked on the back door. The DHL people know me because I order regularly on the internet and they know they can come through the back door instead of ringing the front doorbell, which is only for queens and kings.

I saw him carrying a flag pole wrapped in bubbled plastic. Through the plastic I saw an orange bulb the flag pole had on top. The young yellow man came in and I told him ‘hey, this is the second flag pole I got this week and I only ordered one. They must have made a mistake”. “Well I can take it back” he told me and I quickly answered “no I’ll keep it, if they want it back, they can call me”.

I put the second flag pole next to the already unwrapped one and scanned my memory again. I realized that, for a couple of times,  I thought about how nice it would be to have 2 flag poles. One for our house and one for our garden cabin. I also remembered visualizing it. But never took action to order a second one. So I guess the universe ordered it for me.

These things happen more and more often. Even yesterday evening. I was just pondering on how nice it is to have friends over in our house and I always run around my house with the thought that I will have visitors soon. My children love visitors too and I love having my garden full of children running around or family staying over. And when they do, I do my best in making life comfortable for them. Making coffee, sending a kid to the loo when I see him suppressing his needs because he wants to play. Bake bread or just relax (a good host needs to know how to relax).

I also thought about how it would be to have a friend live in our garden cabin permanently. At 9 pm the doorbell rang. An odd hour to ring somebodies doorbell …. . A man whom I did not recognize, stood in front of me. He told me that he was looking for a place to stay. If I could rent out my garden cabin. My first reaction was “No, certainly not”. He asked me why. “It would cross our sense of privacy” I told him, and wished him good luck with his search. I couldn’t imagine renting a part of my house to a stranger, but after he left, I realized  that I did wish for a friend staying in our garden cabin…

Sometimes the universe mixes things up I guess.