The WorldShift Movement

Interview with Kingsley Dennis, Co-Initiator of The WorldShift Movement

What is The WorldShift Movement?

Kingsley Dennis

Kingsley Dennis

The WorldShift Movement (WS M) was inspired by the work and vision of  Ervin Laszlo. WS M was formed in November 2010 by Nicolya Christi as a volunteer, people-focused global initiative. One of the key objectives of WS M is to represent the people,  to work with and through people, to empower them to make a shift in their lives, both external and internal. There are six core values represented by WS M:

  1. Peace
  2. Restorative Justice
  3. Sustainability
  4. Compassionate Action
  5. Conscious Communication
  6. Conscious Evolution

WS M is focused upon inspiring and empowering people to be the change for themselves and the world around them.

… there are so many movements. How does The WorldShift Movement stand out?

My personal view is that I consider this as the blotting paper metaphor: you put an ink drop on the paper, the ink starts to spread; you put another drop of ink and more ink spreads – and if you put enough drops it changes the colour of the paper. Different movements are for different people, and not everybody is drawn to the same movements. Different movements cater for different peoples needs and together we can all work towards changing the colour of the blotting paper. There are many movements out there; and WS M does not consider itself to be in competition with any of them – competition is an old paradigm state of thinking. We just have the focus and intention on what we are doing and don’t compare ourselves with others. The change of colour we can all achieve together represents, for me, the shift in peoples consciousness.

Blotting Paper

Blotting paper with drops of ink. Will all movements be one big drop of ink at the end?

What is your background and how did you get involved
with the WS M?

I’ve worked as an academic for most of my life; my last post was working as a Lecturer and researcher in Sociology at Lancaster University (UK) and I taught/published on global communications, looking at how people use communication to connect and empower themselves, through blogging, social media, and mobile phones, for example. I then later researched global resources and our sustainable futures. My first book was ‘After the Car’, which investigated more about a post ‘peak-oil’ world and our resource futures. After this research I moved to southern Spain to live a more sustainable lifestyle and to write further on these subjects. As a part of this I became involved with Ervin Laszlo and heard about The Worldshift Movement and the work of Nicolya Christi. In December 2010 I made contact with Nicolya and she asked me to come on board. And it’s been full-steam ahead ever since!

What can any individual do to participate?

For direct involvement with WS M we have a list of skills/attributes on our ‘Join Us’ page we are looking for to help support us. A person who feels that she or he can contribute, please get in touch with us through our website. A second way is that you can subscribe to our newsletter from our homepage and keep up to date with our information and then get in touch when/if you feel inspired. And a third way is that we are hoping to make our website a resource center to supply information for people to educate themselves and to promote world shifting campaigns. We often call our movement a HUB to help people empower themselves with information. Nobody can change themselves unless it is through their own efforts.

What is your personal view for this year and the coming years to come?

I feel these are very significant times. Not only because change is happening in our world, but more importantly that people are now recognising and acknowledging this change within themselves. This wasn’t the case in past years, and this for me tells me that there already has been a change in awareness. Two decades ago these ideas of a changing world were not general currency in our vocabulary, but this has changed tremendously in the past few years. It is now clear to many people the incompatibility of many of our current systems, be they social, political, financial, ecological etc. People are waking up to personal awareness that things cannot go on as they have been going on. The next twenty years will be very different from the last twenty years. Physical change is happening at the very same time as changes in the human psyche is occurring. These two impacts together create a very powerful catalyst for a world shift. I feel we are going to see some very necessary changes ahead as we re-prioritize our needs for a more harmonious and sustainable world future.

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