Empire Avenue as the champions league of social media

Interview with Tim Gorree, IT solution architect for Nokia, about NOKIA on Empire Avenue

What is your role at Nokia?

Tim Gorree

Tim Gorree, managing NOKIA on Empire Avenue

My job title is IT Solution Architect, End User Solution Architecture. I have been responsible for Nokia’s presence in Second Life and am now also looking after Nokia’s presence on Empire Avenue. I work on other projects as well, like our internal social media engagement tools and http://www.ideasproject.com.
I have been a leading advocate for virtual worlds in Nokia and virtual currencies are part of that. The virtual currency that is used on Empire Avenue, the Eaves is interesting, because companies have found it difficult in the past to measure their Return on Investment on their social media activities, efforts and investments. A lot of companies are embracing social media, but how do they measure up in their various engagements? There is Klout, but Empire Avenue is a very exciting alternative. You can see how you measure up to others.

Why is Nokia playing on Empire Avenue?

We are there because everyone else is there. Microsoft with Xbox, Intell, BMW, Ford, etc. When Justin Boverton, CEO of Rivers Run Red, posted about Empire Avenue I signed up for a personal account. I noticed a person had registered the Nokia ticker and asked him if he was willing to hand it over to Nokia. From that moment on people started to buy Nokia like crazy. I went to Nokia’s marketing department to have the Nokia social media accounts connected. Already during the first week we saw a large amount of people connecting with our LinkedIn groups which we use to recruit people. This demonstrates that Empire Avenue is a good resource to find social media talent. I call it the champions league of social media.

On Empire Avenue it is very transparent what people and companies are doing with social media. When you sign up on EAv you see that there is more to social media then just Twitter and Facebook.

Nokia is performing well on EAv, is Nokia is inspring other companies to join?

I would hope so, companies who are engaging actively are doing better. We use it to amplify our other social media presences on Empire Avenue, and that does seem to work well. If companies are serious about their social media activity, they should be interested in learning more about how well they are doing across the social media landscape.

What is more important for Nokia, ‘winning’ the game or making connections? In other words, is it easy to sell stocks of people that don’t perform well?

To perform well we have to sell sometimes because we have to look after the interest of our shareholders. If you want to keep the interest of the shareholders in mind you have to sometimes make tough decisions and sell somebody we have invested in. On the other hand, when we buy somebody, the person is really happy with Nokia on Empire Avenue. The point is to not take it personal when somebody sells you. When somebody sells you, you might have to improve in one of your areas.

My mission is to amplify the social media presense of Nokia. It is about what we do on Foursquare, on Facebook, on Youtube …. Empire Avenue is a platform that helps to amplify this presence and allows us to connect with and discover new people. The metrics of how well we do compared to other companies on each of the different social media platforms are valuable to us and help to monitor progress.

More about Tim Gorree on Tim Gorree’s Nokia page, on Twitter
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Written by Elza van Swieten, (e)CONFLUENCE on Empire Avenue



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